SHOW RUNNER: Writer / Producer / Director

Dead Set on Life (with Matty Matheson), HD TV Series
- Vice Media



Keeping Canada Safe, HD TV Series
- Force Four Entertainment



Klondike Trappers, HD TV Series
- Paperny Entertainment
- History Channel


Polar Bear Town, HD TV Series
- Merit Motion Pictures
- OLN / Smithsonian


Jade Fever, HD TV Series
- Omnifilm
- Discovery Channel


Drive-In, USA, HD TV Series
- Court Five


Jet - HD Commercial
- Emporio Armani / EMI Music / RUSSH Magazine (Australia)


St. Henri, The 26th of August, HD Feature-length Documentary
- The National Film Board of Canada / Parabola Films
- Canal D (Canada)

- Official Selection: Hot Docs 2011


Webdreams - Season II - Gemini Award Nominated TV Series
- Reality-based "Docu-Soap"

- Format: HDCAM
- Galafilm Inc. / Alliance-Atlantis
- Airing Worldwide: Showcase (Canada) & USA (TBA)


MANufactured, HD TV Series
- Castlewood Productions.
- Discovery Channel


Spice of Life, HD TV Series
- Concentric Entertainment.
- Cooking Channel


Yukon Gold, HD TV Series
- Paperney Entertainment Inc.
- The History Channel


Jeppe on a Friday, HD Feature-length Documentary
- Parabola Films


BAKE: With Anna Olson, HD TV Series
- Peace Point Entertainment Group
- Food Network


Coast Modern, HD Feature-length Documentary
- Twofold Films
- Knowledge Network (Canada)


The Carbon Rush, HD Feature-length Documentary
- Telefilm / Byron A. Martin Productions / Wide Open Exposure
- Superchannel (Canada)


Paul Watson - Eco Pirate, HD Feature-length Documentary
- Screen Siren Pictures
- Segment of Production: Galapagos Islands

- 64th Festival de Cannes, Hot Docs 2011


Warehouse Wonderland, HD Reality Series
- YAP Films Inc.


Blue August - with Phillippe Cousteau, HD Documentary
- Auracana Productions
- Discovery / Planet Green


The Market, HD Feature-length Documentary
- TriNetra Productions
- TVO (Broadcast dates TBA)

- IDFA 2010, Thessaloniki 2011, DOXA


Aftermath, HD Drama
- TriNetra Productions

- 64th Festival de Cannes


Mallamall, HD Feature-length Documentary
- InSync Media
- Omni Television


My Playlist - 30 Second HD Commercial
- Birthplace Media


Keeping Up With the Jones' - Season 1, HD Reality Series
- BET / Centric Original Program


My Life With Me, HD Documentary
- TriNetra Productions
- Omni Television


Going Attractions - HD Feature-length Documentary
- Dir. April Wright
- April Nine Productions
- In Post-Production


The Officer's Wife - HD Feature-length Documentary
- Dir. Piotr Uzarowicz
- Goat's Hill Films




ZOMBIE!, Short Fictional-Narrative
- Hulo Films


5 Sides of a Coin, Feature-length documentary
- 7 th Art Releasing / Lakeshore Entertainment
- Broadcast on: Starz! (USA), Documentary Channel (Canada), ABC (Australia), etc.
- For purchase, license or booking info:


Six Flags "National Parks"
- 30 second Commercial Spec
- Format: HD


Verizon Wireless "On the Corner"
- 30 second Commercial Spec
- Format: DVCProHD


National Endowment for the Arts "The Art in Life"
- 30 second Commercial Spec
- Format: 16mm


Shave and a Haircut - 22 minute Documentary
- Format: DV


persons, places, things, 45-minute Drama
- Format: 16mm
- Screened in Tokyo, Berlin, London, Montreal & Vancouver


Do Not Ruin Your Credit, Short Experimental
- Format: DV/16mm
- Official Selection: New York, Chicago & San Francisco Underground Film Festivals


Room 102, Short Fictional-Narrative
- Winner: Jury Prize - 23rd Annual Festival of Student Films
- Honorable Mention: Best Cinematography -10th Ann. National Student Film Festival


Clipped, Short Documentary
- Winner: Best Videography - SMPIA Awards
- Format: DV

CTV, CBC, BCTV, Global, Much Music, SVT (Swedish National TV), Cossette Advertising (Client: Molson), Pinpoint Productions (Clients: Nike Canada, Federal Government, etc.)


BACHELOR OF FINE ARTS (With Distinction)
Major in Film Production
Concordia University, Montreal

Video & Television Production
University of Regina

Kodak Visiting Artists Program
Cinematographer Andrew Laszlo ASC (Streets of Fire, First Blood, Inner Space)

Advanced Editing
Editor & Academy Award Winner Jean Oser (Pandora's Box, Kameradschaft)

Hot Docs: Doc U & Doc Lab
(Astral Media Scholarship)

References, expanded experience, expanded filmography & expanded press clippings are available upon request.


" Paul Kell cuts this interview footage images flow as smooth as the beats they're cut to, 
making for something like a live action magazine, or a with classic and recent performance 
footage and archival photos taken throughout the evolution of hip-hop. The hip as fuck video 
textbook on hip-hop if you will, written by the masters themselves. 
5 Sides of the Coin  contains absolutely no artificial sweeteners or preservatives - no 
commercial hogwash. This is the real shit."    - FILM THREAT 

"A flashy, earnest tribute to the spirit of hip-hop directed by Paul Kell.   Mr. Kell interviews 
a smattering of hip-hop artists, most from New York and most allied, by history or affinity, 
with a pre-gangsta, pre-P. Diddy street-level aesthetic that values craft over flash and honesty 
over provocation.   
If you like the music, you will appreciate Mr. Kell's attention to it, and relish the on-camera 
presence of legends like Kool Herc and Afrika Bambaataa.   ''5 Sides of a Coin'' will make your 
head nod...A fascinating story."    - A.O. SCOTT, NEW YORK TIMES 

"Helmer and chief lenser Paul Kell spent years researching turntable based movement's West 
Bronx block party roots and traveled Europe, Asia and the States to capture its fallout. 
Great looking.   Well executed.   Thorough overview of hip-hop's origins and influences."

"Paul Kell's 5 Sides of a Coin announces in its title that defining something as fluid as hip-hop 
isn't going to happen.   But damn if the Saskatoon-raised, Concordia U-schooled wily whiz kid 
hasn't gone out and nailed as solid a history of the expanding culture as any old-schooler could ever 
Meticulously shot in the layered vernacular of the art form, but faithful to the tenets of the genre.   
The kind of conviction that makes you want to remember his name so you can say you knew him when."

"5 SIDES OF A COIN, directed by Paul Kell, packs in a ton of information plus some social commentary 
concerning the influence of hip hop culture on today's youth by the artists themselves.   I hope you get a 
chance to check it out."      - AIN'T IT COOL NEWS 

Paul Kell was selected by ANTHEM magazine as one of twelve young directors whose 
"place in the film world will never be fleeting."